ATM Protection Solutions has been protecting ATMs for the past decade.
We are an Israel-based company; all of our design and production functions are performed in-house.

Since its inception, ATM Protection Solutions has managed to secure more than 25% of all ATMs in the Israeli market. In the ATM industry, ATM Protection Solutions is known for creating the ultimate ATM protection for banks, as well as for privately owned ATMs, while delivering enclosures and armors that look elegant and appealing to the eye.

Our Vision

Our enclosures and armors give owners a competitive marketing advantage, thanks to our advanced and innovative protection. ATM Protection Solutions is constantly investing in R&D and innovation so that we can guarantee our customers the highest levels of design without compromising security.

The materials coupled with the cutting edge technology used in our products are state-of-the-art, and confer the ultimate protection for capital managers and banks. The design of our products is one of our distinctive features. We provide aesthetic and elegant enclosures, which ultimately increase the appeal of the bank and/or the commercial ATM.

Our Quality

In its short existence, ATM Protection Solutions has created a large and proven track record. Our enclosures and armors are being recommended by large banks and private companies, and have become the industry standard. We use the military knowledge and expertise of our team to constantly search for and improve new protection levels so that our enclosures and armors will always be a few steps ahead of the criminals.

At the same time, our designers are doing their best to include these security features in elegant and sleek enclosures and armors so that they will not only be functional, but also inviting to customers. Once the design has been generated on the computer, we create a small-scale model of the product. Each aspect of this model is then thoroughly inspected and tested by material engineers, draftsmen, locksmiths, and professionals who understand the field. Once this process of testing and inspection is completed, we start producing models for testing.

Our Three Key Principles


ATM Protection Solutions delivers the most secure armors and enclosures available on the market, to both private and public customers. All of our armors are created with special alloys and materials, and can withstand any kind of physical harm, be it car ramming, gas attacks, or explosives.

We, of course, have a range of solutions to protect ATMs against other forms of cyber-attacks (skimming, black-box, etc.) With ATM Protection Solutions, bank managers and owners of private ATMs can worry less, knowing that their money is well protected.


Historically speaking, ATMs for banks were dull pieces of metal, installed in walls or inside the lobby of the agencies. Now, with ATM Protection Solutions’ designs and innovations, these ATMs are becoming nice, elegant, and high-class pieces of furniture inside banks or other locations, blending well into the environment and attracting customers, without compromising the security of the ATMs; we continue to guarantee the highest levels of protection needed to protect the cash stored inside them.

Our innovative and sleek designs deliver products of the highest security standards, while keeping them light and very easy to install.


ATM Protection is constantly investing in R&D and innovation. Our enclosures and armors give our customers a competitive advantage as our solutions are constantly being tested and improved upon so as to stay a few steps ahead of the criminals. Our products are state-of-the-art, and set the industry standard for ATM protection.

Our Team

Our company staff includes military veterans with experience working in security and intelligence, as well as highly skilled industrial designers and engineers.The combination of the skills, expertise and motivation of our team gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with the ultimate protection solutions for their ATMs.


Samuel Neufeld

Founder, Co-CEO and Leader of Global Business Development

Elazar Medzinski

Founder, Co-CEO and Leader of Product Development

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