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We are privileged to be working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly.
Our clients needs always come first and we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure we don’t just satisfy them, we ‘wow’ them!

The customer service that ATM Protection Solutions provides is caring & attentive, and the product delivered is always at its best.

The quality & reliability of the enclosures are unmatched, and so is the warranty response time. All of our Distributors, resellers and customers are happy with the product.

The best thing about Sam & his team, is that they listen to our feedback, and make changes along the way, to cater to the real-world demands.

I definitely recommend the Company, and the Products.

Dar Reynolds
Vice President of Sales,
New York Division
Payment Alliance

We purchased multiple full high-top outdoor enclosures form Samuel and his team at ATM Protection Solutions.

I have to say the quality is excellent and the ATMs are like new due to the protection they afford.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Robert Taichman, Esq.
Esq, Director of Business
Access One ATM Inc.

We engaged ATM Protection in 2018 to develop bespoke ATMs for the UK market. These products are now installed throughout the UK and they operate very well.
The team are extremely innovative, meticulous in their work and they have always delivered for us.
Sam’s entrepreneurial approach is fantastic. He is a true partner, and we look forward to developing our relationship further over the next few years.

Josh Bentley
Cash On The Move

This company adapted to our market so perfectly, creating beautiful, functional and durable protection boxes, that even enhance the look of the ATM itself.

Their models started being the leader in space saving and ease to transport, now not only that, but their compact topper, is the best I have seen for low profile outdoor weather protection.

Their aluminum protection is perfect for pop up events.

ATM Protection solutions keep improving all the time, earning the respect of anyone working with them, we started with them since 2017.

Jim Shrayef

Sales Director
Everything ATM

The installations of their products were smooth with no damage to the bank’s assets and I am assured that our property is very well protected.

In addition, I attended live experiments executed by an independent engineering company that tested the ATM shielding panels and was pleased to see the results.

I recommend working with this company, professional team and very high level security products.


Zohar Hamenachem

Discount Bank

The company has proved high professionalism, flexibility and creativity in their security products.

They have managed to give my security department some very good solutions that corresponded exactly to my needs. All of the above has been done in an efficient way and with maximum integrity.

Highly recommended.

Oren Meiri


Recently we have initiated a project of ATM armors that we had to install in a short period of time.

ATM Protection Solutions were able to complete this project, weeks before our deadline, and in a very professional manner.

I can highly recommend using the services of ATM Protection Solutions to other banks in Israel as well as anywhere else in the world.

We are currently in process of identifying and refining the next generation of protective solutions for our ATM’s.

We are most pleased with the involvement of ATM Protection Solutions in this process and looking forward for continuously working side by side with them in this endeavor.

Yuval Scheiner

Head of Projects Department
Bank Leumi

In the past 6 years, together with our distributors, we have installed hundreds of outdoor ATM enclosures and kiosks provided by ATM Protection Solutions.

We are very satisfied with their high quality product, expertise, and level of professionalism. ATM Protection Solutions’ enclosures enable us to install many more outdoor ATMs, thus dramatically increasing our revenues.

It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend ATM Protection Solutions.

Mussi Katz


We have discovered a professional and qualified team that are able to provide us with creative solution to all the problems and complexities of developing products that meet our company’s unique needs.

The products received were at very high quality of protection and security, and were designed to prevent break-ins and damage to our products.

I thank you for the work so far, and I highly recommend your company.


Daniel Levy

The red dot

I am very pleased with the products, they keep my ATM’s well protected from theft and stormy weather and look great even after sitting outside all of these years.

The prices are always fair and you get good value for your money.

I will be happy to recommend and answer questions if needed.

Hanan Yona

Cash point, ATM services

EMSN’s products are of the highest quality and weather resistant- as the company promises.

The enclosures have so far prevented break-ins and attacks to our units, and as a result of the lighting toppers and improved visibility have increased the usage of our ATMs, so that in the end of the day, the investment was justified.

EMSN provided the products according to the set schedules and provided courteous, reliable and professional service.
The company complied with all the terms of the agreement as signed

Yohanan Zehavi

A.B D Phone Communications Ltd.

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